Finalists’ Gallery


Kengo Kuma & Associates (Japan)

with CHwB Albania, Ervin Paci, SOLARON Albania, iMEPS Engineering & Consulting, YOKE, Esmeralda Agolli and GE-D Engineering

Urat – Between heritage and nature

To activate the whole park, the proposal creates two poles. The first center, on the top hill would act as a ‘mountain gate’, welcoming visitors and connecting them to the natural part of the site, while the second center, the ‘Butrint gate’, becomes a link between the moorings along the lake and the villages beyond the Vivari Channel.

The ‘mountain gate’ is inspired by the surrounding natural rock formations. A series of stone roofs that emerging from the ground create a seamless connection between the built environment and the natural world.

The ‘Butrint gate’ consists of two overlapping stone canopies creating a covered public entrance: this space is imagined as the first welcoming moment, as a threshold marking the transitions from the modern world to the ancient ruins.

The project, celebrating the site palimpsest, establishes new connections between the local communities, the national park and the archaeological site visitors.