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Finalists’ Gallery

Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Prost

with Urban Fabric Architects, Price & Myers and Skelly & Couch

There is no creation without memory.

The new Central Hall sits at the centre of gravity of the buildings that constitute the historic site of the National Railway Museum.

Inspired by a train turntable, it becomes a human turntable. The plan form evokes a huge gear; the roofs resemble the blades of a turbine. The building suggests motion for the public as well as the collections. The building at ground floor is very open: a welcoming shop and café overlook Museum Square.

The orientation space is the first attraction with its triple-height volume and dramatic roof, with the potential to hang exhibits. It directs us to all of the galleries: Wonderlab, Great Hall and Station Hall. A glass lift brings visitors to the panoramic roof terrace offering an exceptional view of the Minster and Station.

The Central Hall becomes a city landmark, a symbol of the future regeneration of York Central.

Finalists’ Gallery