Shortlist Gallery

Steven Holl Architects

with Kavanagh Tuite Architects, Brightspot Strategy, Arup, HarrisonStevens and Transsolar

Our Design focuses on Place and Space, reflecting on the history + quality of this Place and projecting toward the future with inspiring Space for the highest level of education.

Entrance Precinct Concepts

Seven Quadrangles of open, green space

"H"-Plan circulation of covered walkways, doubles as near-net zero infrastructure

Campus Porosity and Social Space through portal pass-throughs and amenity programs

History Connected relation to historic houses, gardens, specimen trees and woods

Flexible Phasing + Use by vertical Forums connecting all levels as “social condensers”

Centre for Creative Design Concepts

Place inspired by geometries of Giants Causeway and the work of James Joyce

Space for experience instead of an object

Gateway presence on the horizon, R138 and up close

Natural Light and generous proportion to all interior spaces

Circuit of Social Connection linking everyone in a free and open way for creative collaboration at the heart and soul of the building

Shortlist Gallery