UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 Design Competition


The competition has now concluded - the text below is the original call for interest.

We will be looking for multi-disciplinary creative teams with expertise in contemporary design, events and exhibitions management, engineering, sustainability, digital skills, interpretation and education. We are keen to invite commercial partners and sponsors to bid within consortia. The teams should be structured under a lead consultant identified within the submission.

Additional skills may be proposed in your submission if you feel they are necessary.

The Pavilion will be built on a site comprising 1910 square metres on the main axis, the Decumanus, known as the World Avenue in front of the Future Food Pavilion which includes components such as the ‘Supermarket of the Future’ curated by MIT.

It may comprise a single building, or a number of smaller buildings, with internal spaces for small and medium-sized events and a possible food and retail offer. Fifty per cent of the site must be in the open air and be planned as additional exhibition space as well as providing for a possible food outlet.

The Expo organisers request ‘light horizontal constructions that play on the contrast between alternating full and empty spaces’ and allow glimpses of other landscapes and pavilions.

Key Objectives

  • Exemplary, original, innovative, outstanding design in build, content and visitor experience.
  • Site design expressing content and messages –the British ‘take’ on the main Expo theme – rather than acting as a ‘container’
  • Conceived as an installation which interacts with the public; transforming, modifiable and/or portable in some sense or portion as part of its legacy
  • Comprehensible to an international, multicultural audience
  • Sustainable: careful use of materials, demonstrating recycling and reuse, energy efficiency, with a waste-management strategy and sustainability in use
  • Low cost to staff and maintain and able to receive the projected visitor numbers without queues forming
  • Capable of hosting medium-sized events and delivery of a retail, food and/or drink offer by sponsor partners.

Wider Expo themes include best practice and innovation in nutrition, sharing of the world’s resources, improving human health, valuing the role of women, nurturing the planet – see full EOI in Downloads.