Shortlist Gallery

Studio Libeskind

with BDP, !melk, NRB, Dcon, Arup, Brock McClure Consultants, O'Herlihy Access Consultancy, JGA and i3PT

Studio Libeskind’s proposal for the Entrance Precinct Masterplan is organised by two interwoven concepts.

Landscape and public paths are inspired by the interlacing patterns from the Book of Kells. The curvilinear paths and green space create a rich new landscape of extensive woodlands and three-dimensional gardens that set the placement for discreet building complexes.

Laced within this plan, each complex is represented by one of the Nine Muses in James Joyce’s Ulysses—UCD’s most famous alumnus. Each complex features a central courtyard that defines the distinct architectural language of each.

Sited at the nexus between the old and new campus, the Centre for Creative Design is the focal point of the plan. The dynamic sculptural structure serves as a gateway to the campus. Terraced planters provide shade and continue the lush landscape design throughout. Inside the Centre, the program features loft-like workspaces, and open and flexible spaces throughout.

Shortlist Gallery