Natural History Museum Civic Realm Competition


Stanton Williams Architects


The Grounds should create a threshold to the Museum, both as a setting for visitors, and a recreational space for local residents. Two large stone and garden ramps meet to form a raised parvis in front of the main entrance to provide a fully inclusive approach to the Museum, unifying the east and west grounds. New entrances and level walkways enhance access and aid connectivity to the wider public realm. The new grounds are conceived as a contemporary interpretation of Waterhouse�s original concept. The individual character of the grounds is defined, reflecting the original Museum layout, with the eastern range representing extinct species and geology, and the western range representing the extant world.


The trail takes visitors on a journey through the evolution of plants, species and the mineral world, extending display and interpretation into the grounds as an 'Outside Gallery'. New amenities and spaces for exhibitions, education and events add playfulness while new planting enhances biodiversity.


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