The competition has now concluded (December 2014) - below is the original call for interest.


We will be looking for multi-disciplinary creative teams with expertise in contemporary design and landscaping: the museum stands in one of the few green spaces in south Mumbai. The teams should be structured under a lead consultant identified within the submission. Collaborations with local practices are encouraged.


This is a key moment for the museum as it reaches out towards new audiences inside India and internationally. The new facilities will allow a greater diversity of activity and enable events like travelling international exhibitions to be held which are impossible in the original heritage building.


The new building is expected to be 8,000 to 10,000 m2 (85,000 - 110,000 square feet), providing new galleries and facilities including an interpretation centre, a library, an archive, conservation facilities and a new museum shop and café.


At the heart of the new wing will be a permanent gallery to showcase contemporary Mumbai, focusing on important milestones in the city's development and highlighting its cultural achievements, as well as temporary exhibition space to international standards capable of taking large-scale touring exhibitions.


Project themes:

  • Using the landscape for events to enhance the work of the Museum
  • Exemplary, original and contemporary design
  • Sustainability - to have a Green building conserving energy and water
  • Reflecting the craft tradition of the Museum

Wider Museum themes:

  • to serve the community as an institution dedicated to excellence in cultural education through exhibitions and different visual and intellectual media
  • to engage the community, especially children
  • to promote a greater appreciation of Mumbai's artistic, cultural and economic history and development
  • to promote cross cultural understanding and cultural awareness at all levels