Neutelings Riedijk Architects (Netherlands)
+ Brigita Bula Arhitekte

with West 8

The LMoCA starts today!

From next year, it is a birch grove with the existing train station as cultural pioneer. In 2021 it is a new museum building as a stand-alone in a big city park. Finally, it will be a green and vibrant New Hanza City quarter.

LMoCA is set up as a covered public space in the park, a long white canopy over a black treasure box. Visitors are welcomed in the atrium, a public passage from city to park, for cultural events in Riga. The atrium is surrounded by stairs and ramps leading to all museum departments.

The galleries in the heart of the building create an art journey – visitors can roam in a series of continuous spaces, exploring different spatial qualities and light conditions that make numerous types and sizes of exhibitions possible.

The filigree white concrete skin of the museum reminds of the rich texture of the birch tree. All the inspiration for building materials, colours and appearance is sourced from abundant yet subtle palette of Latvian nature and Riga centre buildings.