Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark)
+ MARK arhitekti

with Lord Culture

LMoCA is an international cultural landmark tailored to frame ambitious art and inspire public gatherings for citizens and visitors alike. The museum will draw people from Riga, the Baltic region, and beyond to come and explore and create… no matter if the curious first-time visitor or the experienced art lover, and regardless of gender, nationality, or age.

LMoCA’s architecture is a result of functional and programmatic ambitions. Its twisted form seems like an effortless gesture, reaching out and connecting to Riga and its citizens. By twisting the volume, two generous entrances are created: one towards the city, the other towards the City Garden. Both entries are connected to a centralized foyer and atrium – a gateway, where filtered daylight lures people towards the central hub and all museum functions. The twist results in an undulating roofscape, creating a dynamic, illuminated sculpture within the City Garden and to the skyline of Riga.