Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects (Finland) + MADE arhitekti

with Jussi Virtanen and Ralph Appelbaum Associates

“Gemma” – the new Contemporary Museum of Art of Latvia will meet the two demands of a modern museum: it is at the same time a “container” and has an identity of its own.

The systematic “container” offers a flexible setting for different exhibitions and events. The identity – the vital experience – is created by the combination of Lobby and Atrium called Gemma.

Throughout history, the Latvians have had a close and respecting relation to nature. This can be seen both in the culture of Latvia and in the lifestyle of its people.

The identity of the new museum is based on tradition, on the way timber has cleverly been used as building material, creating continuity between the present and the past.

The museum at the edge of the City Garden is a reminder of the universal meaning of the building: it is a multi-functional shelter in nature for the various dreams and needs of a human being.