Houston Endowment Headquarters International Design Competition

Finalists’ Gallery

Kevin Daly Architects

with PRODUCTORA, TLS Landscape Architecture, Arup, Transsolar and Kirksey Architecture

As welcoming as the shadow underneath a tree, the new Houston Endowment building is conceived as a natural continuation of the forest canopy that defines the boundaries of Spotts Park.

Slender columns represent the tree trunks, providing the building with an effective structural system and the Endowment a scaffolding in which to freely organize activities. An energy-generating roof structure evokes the tree canopy and foliage; an intricate lattice providing sun control to the interiors and open terraces. These awnings are designed to offer a sense of shelter to both the organization and the surrounding neighborhood community.

This combination of shading elements with the rhythm of the supporting vertical columns generates a unique and contemporary building that conveys both tradition and stability as well as lightness and transparency. The Houston Endowment Headquarters is a uniquely Houston organization: independent yet welcoming; an unassuming public profile coupled with a tremendous civic presence inspired by the canopy landscape native to its city.

Finalists’ Gallery