Houston Endowment Headquarters International Design Competition

Finalists’ Gallery

Deborah Berke Partners

with DAVID RUBIN Land Collective and Atelier Ten

Gateway: The New Home for the Houston Endowment

A new hybrid building and landscape takes advantage of—and contributes to—its setting in Spotts Park and the greater Buffalo Bayou network. The building is welcoming to park users, visitors and Houston Endowment staff. A large portal opens the building to the park and allows people to pass through the building; shaded overhangs create layered indoor/outdoor experiences leading to a landscaped amphitheater and other outdoor engagement spaces. The building’s highly articulated facades and rich materiality add to its strong sense of place.

Inside, engagement spaces create flexible environments for community partners to work with the Endowment. Throughout the building, spaces connect visually and physically to the landscape. A variety of workspaces—meeting rooms, focus areas, open and enclosed offices, informal social spaces—accommodate different types of work. The building embodies and advances the Houston Endowment’s mission.

Finalists’ Gallery