Design Concepts for UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre Revealed

The UK’s National Holocaust Memorial and learning centre will stand in the shadow of Parliament, at the heart of our democracy, in Victoria Tower Gardens. This striking new structure will honour victims and survivors of Nazi persecution. It will also educate future generations about the dangers of prejudice and hatred, and serve as a powerful statement of our values as a nation.

The UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation launched a memorial international design competition in September 2016. It sought to identify the very best architectural talent to create an emotionally powerful and sensitively designed memorial. Ninety-two teams expressed an interest in the project, with a shortlist of 10 invited to submit concept designs. These designs are being displayed publically at a number of venues across the UK as well as online.

We are consulting on the shortlist with the public, those working in the field of Holocaust remembrance and education, and technical experts. This consultation will play a crucial role in informing the jury’s final decision on the memorial.

View the 10 shortlisted designs and submit your feedback by email: [email protected]. Remember to specify which design team you’re referring to when providing feedback.

A summary of the feedback we receive will be fed into the jury. Note that we are not able to respond to individual submissions.

Thank you for sharing your views with the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation