Shape Gallaudet

… Whichever way you’re connected to Gallaudet, we want your ideas about how to fulfil our vision and transform Gallaudet’s campus edge into an innovative, creative and cultural destination.

We are accepting ideas in a variety of formats: photographs, sketches, written word and video. All you need to do is come up with a fabulous idea — or ideas — to transform the Gallaudet campus.

We want your input on any aspect of the project, but you might like to consider the following specific areas:

1. How are you affiliated with Gallaudet or how do you know about Gallaudet?
Are you a member of Gallaudet’s campus community of student, alumni, and employees, or do you know someone who has attended or worked at Gallaudet? Are you a neighbor or member of the world-wide deaf community, or someone who is simply inspired by Gallaudet’s unique place in the world?
2. What does the Gallaudet campus mean to you, how does it inspire you?
If you have ever been a part of the campus community, tell a brief story about a special place on campus and how it has helped to shape your identity. If you are someone who is not too familiar with the campus, tell a story about the ways the campus inspires you and how it can inspire others.
3. What is your vision for the new campus gateway?
Explain the kind of activities you would want to see at Gallaudet’s new entry and the physical qualities of the space that would make the space memorable for you.
4. How can the campus gateway express deaf experiences and culture?
Describe ways key aspects of Deaf experiences and culture can be expressed in the physical space of the new gateway. How can landscape, art and architecture be used to express Deaf culture and the heritage of Gallaudet?
5. How can the gateway become a place of discovery and exchange?
The new gateway will connect the campus to the surrounding community in a completely new way. Explain how you think the new space can become a place that honors human diversity where people from all cultures and physical and sensory abilities can feel at home.

Your ideas will be assessed by an expert team at Gallaudet and MRC. The best contributors will have their names and ideas featured in the design requirements and will be invited to participate in Design Events.