Sergison Bates Architects and AOC Architecture

with Philip Hughes Associates, Tom Stuart-Smith, Price & Myers, Ritchie+Daffin, Graphic Thought Facility and Tavernor Consultancy

Clandon Park endured as the finest of hosts until the great fire. It retains potential to be reborn as a place for performance and debate. Conserving the old whilst constructing the new, we propose a contemporary legacy – by combining the finest traditions of artistry and craft. In the new spaces we provide, we encourage every visitor to contribute to the experience of Clandon.

We re-describe the house as sumptuous, vivid and remarkable – using the critical act of conservation to define characters of space with material presence. Visitors enjoy open access, with a whole host of engaging interpretation and active uses; an everyday local resource, a unique place to meet the National Trust.

Already a local landmark, we want Clandon to be known for its extraordinary future as much as its past – creating a new place in an old body; made for meeting and shaping values that transcend time.