Purcell and Sam Jacob Studio

with Arup, QODA, Brendan Cormier and Churchman Landscape Architects

Clandon park’s history of repetitive reconstruction is reimagined in this proposal from Purcell & Sam Jacob Studio, combining conservation excellence with a progressive architectural approach to develop a rich spatial and material dialogue between historic fabric and contemporary spaces.

In the 1730s architect Leoni built Clandon as a Palladian villa.

Purcell & Sam Jacob Studio’s proposal takes this as the design concept for Clandon’s reinvention.

Leoni’s Marble Hall, which operates like a distinct internalised building within Clandon’s architectural arrangement, skilfully restored. Alongside this, three new internal villas are created, all imaginative and engaging.

Each has a distinct role in organising use, visitor experience, and relationship to landscape. They create a spatial sequence and composition that balances old with new, giving sectional and spatial significance to ambitious public programmes of entrance, gallery and learning while retaining Clandon’s historic Palladian grandure.

Reimagining Clandon’s unique spirit to honour its past and create its future.