Competition Winner

Allies and Morrison and Feilden+Mawson

with Price & Myers, Max Fordham, Nissen Richards Studio and Tom Stuart-Smith

Clandon Park has a story to tell.

Our instinct is to welcome the found layers within its walls, to find exactly the right balance of old and new for each space. A new chapter begins with the restoration of the Marble Hall. A series of grand rooms of the piano nobile, each one with its own story kept, are then strung as an elegant necklace of an enfilade route to the former Palladio Room, whose floor, ceiling and walls have all gone, leaving a space almost as thrilling as the Marble Hall itself, connecting the lower ground right up to the roof. In one circuit, a striking multi-level staircase takes its place here, encased within the brick walls that have been left alone throughout the house. Here, the past, present and future unfold, culminating in a space connecting all three, a New Hall, an open invitation to explore Clandon further.