With Oneworks, Planit, AKT II, Tyrens and Max Fordham


For the JAMs. For the YIMBYs. For the Millennials. For Generation Rent. For the Entrepreneurs and The Dreamers. For the scientists, the industrialists, the engineers, the academics and the 1.9 million people expected to move to the Cambridge to Oxford region over the next 34 years we propose a new type of place – Urcadia – an ecologically rich urban settlement that takes the form of a ‘New Living Campus’.

Our proposal combines the intensity and density of a city with the pastoral richness of our English countryside enhanced for leisure use, health and wellbeing and food production. New construction technologies facilitate economic housing for a generation currently left out of the prospect of owning a home.

We propose integrating placemaking and infrastructure to create the UK’s leading growth network. Our submission sets out a vision to grow a series of places founded on sound and resilient placemaking principles, and underpinned by a form of governance to ensure these qualities continue for future generations.

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