Fletcher Priest Architects

With Bradley Murphy Design and Peter Brett Associates

Mid-Vale Archipelago

The ‘Mid-Vale Archipelago’ is a constellation of linked, distinctive and compact places set within continuous landscapes. Existing and future connections and new approaches to sharing allow them to operate in a reciprocal manner to host civic and economic functions alongside significantly increased populations. It responds to the challenge of growth in a region characterised by towns and villages, combining the best of village life with the critical mass of larger towns while preserving and enhancing landscape character.

Our strategy identifies ‘middle’ sites between the poles of global success. We select locations where new linked places can be created that exploit existing infrastructures and which have the potential to be enhanced and accelerated by the overlay of new networks.

Central to our vision is the desire for beneficial relationships between existing and new communities, combined with a patient approach to delivery, prioritising long term capital benefits over short term windfall returns.

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