Barton Willmore

With Momentum

The Innovation Hive

The Innovation Hive provides the foundations to build capacity for an increased number of new homes without compromising the existing sense of community and relationship with the landscape which make this place great in the first place.

Our approach avoids a fixed masterplan, proposing instead a process of organic growth intelligently steered by a delivery guide.

The proposals deliver not just homes but vibrant places to support innovation and business creation, supporting one of Britain’s most productive regions.

More than a corridor, The Hive is a region defined by interconnectivity between communities, organisations and individuals, a place where mobility works in tandem with urban form.

The pattern of organic growth within communities will be carefully guided to encourage them to acquire a rich urban form and varied sense of place.

Set within a new National Park, the proposals set a new benchmark for development working to enhance the natural environment.

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